“Amici CISEI” - CISEI Friends

Join us!

If you are interested in developing themes of Italian emigration around the world and you desire to support the research activity of Italian individuals emigrated to new worlds, if you are interested to be informed on events regarding emigration or if you can contribute with family stories on emigration,

write to amici@ciseionline.it or click as below, and become a member of “Amici CISEI”.



One year membership entitles you to:

  • Support the on-going work at CISEI on Italian emigration
  • Receive a CISEI Passport

  • Receive a mail announcing the CISEI newsletter
  • Receive news on events regarding CISEI and other institutions regarding the migration theme
  • Consult our library
  • Have a preferential access to the Emigration On-line Archive
  • Post messages to online bulletin boards on CISEI website
One-year  Membershiprequires a 15€ contribution to CISEI through a credit transfer on BPER – Ag. 75 Genova, to CISEI - Centro Internazionale Studi Emigrazione Italiana, Piazza Commenda, 2 - 16126 Genova, IBAN:IT63J0538701408000047051814, SWIFT BPMOIT22XXX

Sustaining One-year Membership requires a 50€ contribution, and entitles you to receive an Official Certificate of Membership.

Larger contributions are always gratefully welcomed.

Consider that every euro donated permits the transcription of info regarding one person emigrated, disembarked in destination ports.

Click here and fill the application form

  1. CISEI VOLUNTARY: invest a little of your time

You can sustain CISEI even with a little of your time.

For example, if you are capable of using PC (particularly Microsoft Office) you can collaborate with our Staff for the transcription of emigrant names from original documents.

If you are interested please contact us at:

amici@ciseionline.it - telephone/fax 010 557 4156


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